Benefits Of Chewing Wrigley Gum

It’s surprising, but true. Chewing gum has been in existence since the ‘Neolithic period’ also called the ‘New Stone Age’. At that time, people used things like natural resins and ‘bark tar’ as chewing gum. The fact of the matter is that chewing gum has been popular then and it’s popular now. Imagining your day without the almost omnipresent Wrigley gum is a tough call to answer.

Benefits Of Chewing Gum

Brie Larson, the charming American actress, once said, ‘For some reason, chewing gum, for me, gets my brain going’. Brie’s loyalty for gum is evident and frankly, the many proven benefits of chewing gum are for all to see and hear. Highlighted below are some genuine advantages of chewing that minty sweet bar of Wrigley:

* The obvious benefit of chewing gum would be its ‘breath freshening’ ability. It tastes good and serves to mask any unpleasant odours that may have survived in your mouth due to what you ate. What’s more, the gum refreshes and moisturizes your mouth while sweetening the breath. Don’t we all remember the times when all it took was a bar of gum to bridge the distance between us and the girl or boy we adored? Chewing gum can actually enhance one’s confidence level!

* The benefits of chewing Wrigley gum for ‘Oral healthcare’ reasons are numerous. There have been surveys and research that indicate that chewing gum can actually benefit our teeth by protecting them. If one incorporates gum in daily life, the chances of having a better set of ‘pearly whites’ increase. At times when it isn’t possible to brush after meals, chewing on a sugar-free gum can help keep your teeth clean.

* Chewing gum regularly can reduce tooth decay and plaque, facilitating a stronger set of teeth. As one chews a bar of gum, the production of ‘saliva’ is stimulated which in turn serves to fight the ‘plaque acids’.

* Sometimes, use of certain medicines can turn our mouth dry. Chewing gum can reduce the symptoms of a dry mouth and bring relief.

* It has also been observed that chewing gum can play an important role in curbing the cravings for calorie-rich food, especially snacks and sweets in between meals. This is a great way to manage one’s weight and avoid piling on those extra kilos. Considering the immense potential it holds, there is on going research on the role of chewing gum in weight-management and ‘Appetite control’.

* Certain studies conducted stand witness to the fact that chewing a Wrigley gum also serves to boost the flow of blood to our brain by as much as about 40 percent. Thus, when we chew gum we tend to become more alert and are able to focus better. Besides, gum also helps to bust stress and relieve our minds. For instance, if you are about to appear for an interview, it may help to chew gum before the interview to soothe your nerves.

* Chewing gum has also been linked to providing relief from ear-aches at high altitudes.

I even once heard of someone getting so addicted to Wrigley gum that he started borrowing money from payday loans direct lenders to fund his addiction. The company told me the story themselves. He got into al sorts of trouble trying to borrow all this money for his habit.

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